About Us

Computerized Auction Services, LLC was created by a couple of IT professionals who were inspired by their own experiences as attendees and committee members at their children's school fundraising events.

Frustrated with long lines, slow check-in and check-out and LONG nights reconciling donations and funds, they used their combined 40+ years of professional experience to identify ways to streamline that event and make the whole process more efficient, accurate and productive. They collaborated on a common software interface that is user-friendly, intuitive and requires little or no knowledge of computers, databases or accounting. The result is a simple, easy to use system that eliminates the pen and paper methods used by most fundraising event coordinators and volunteers.

As they refined and revised the system, they became aware that other organizations could benefit from this type of solution. Many non-profit organizations lack the computer hardware and resources to successfully automate their events. They discovered that there are many software-only options available for fundraising events, yet they all lack the key ingredient which makes Computerized Auction Services. LLC unique - Personal Service. Not only do they bring a state-of-the-art computer system, the latest web-based user-friendly interface and all the components to connect these systems, they bring their 40+ years of technology and customer service experience with a uniquie, hands-on approach to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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